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Careers You Enjoy

Did you know that 70% of Americans hate their jobs... & their bosses?

Oftentimes when I am starting career coaching sessions, client's opening statements are somewhere along the lines of, "I don't know what I am truly passionate about" or "How can I determine what my purpose is in life". While those thoughts aren't true for everyone, many people can recall questioning something similar. It's how we develop our niche and our career focus.

We all want to be in roles and work environments that are conducive to our mental health and personal requirements.

Finding your field is important. If you want to reduce burnout, you better be in a field and a position you enjoy!


Three simple tips for finding careers you will enjoy:

1. Align your passion and your purpose.

When you get honest about what work brings you joy and what impact you want to have via your day-to-day responsibilities, it makes it easy to identify work you want to do. Meaningful work brings smiles to your face and to the faces of those your serve. At the end of most days, you are satisfied and proud of the results you've produced.

2. Identify your skills and your talents.

Consider the things you are highly skilled at. Maybe you've had a natural niche or maybe you've developed this through professional and personal training. Add in your unique talents- things you do exceptionally and easily, then you can hone in on roles that best suit you.

3. Get clear about workplace expectations.

To get the most out of your career, choose to be a part of a work culture that aligns with your values and desires. While it is not possible to control the actions of others, it is possible to decide what you will be a part of and what you will not. Leave rooms where unhealthy conversations are happening. Sometimes the best way to demand respect, is to first exude it.

When you do these three things, it will become easy to find meaningful work that aligns with your core values and life purpose.

Want to discover your personality traits and how they translate into the career opportunities for you? Take this personality quiz!


I know that we are all born to do significant work, work that matters to us and to those we serve. If you are ready to make a change in your career and land your dream job, email me.

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