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Cultivating Your Life Around Your Priorities Part 1

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Let's discuss freedom(s) for a minute… 

Freedom is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. Time freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom… you name it. It’s the freedoms that really make the world go round.

What would you do with your time today if you owned it completely? Who would you give more to? Who would you take time away from?

Time is one of the luxuries we cannot afford to play with. It literally can make or break your small business.

As a CEO, when you master this concept of cultivating your life to be in alignment with your priorities, it shifts everything. A weight is lifted from your shoulders instantly. It is literally the most beautiful thing.

I’ve always had a bit of time freedom throughout my career but once I made the decision to plan my life and my priorities first, everything else that unfolded FOLLOWING that decision, it was a game changer for me. 🥹

Today, I am at a point where I take off any day I want, to do anything I want and I know that everything will be okay. I know this because I have intentionally built processes, procedures, and boundaries around this exact concept. I know this because I have communicated my values with the CEOs I work directly with and they respect when I need to be out of office!

I will share the exact thing that changed my attitude, my conversations, my expectations, and my ability to create this life that I cherish so much!

Stay tuned for part two. It drops 12.29.23, just in time for end of year reflections and beginning of year resolutions!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Absolutely love this for you! Very inspirational. Thank you 🙏🏾

Janie Johnson
Janie Johnson
Dec 16, 2023
Replying to

My pleasure! 😊 this journey just keeps getting better and better! I appreciate the kind words 🫶🏾

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