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Dream On!

I landed my dream job.. now what??

For many people, it takes years, maybe even a decade to land their DREAM job. And for many people, once they land the dream job, the fire and "newness" of the job can easily wear off. You can stay sharp, connected, and inspired by implementing checks and balances in your daily life routine.


Here are a few of my go to tips to keep the fire going:

  1. Create Goals Consistently

Upon accepting the position of your dream job, I'm sure you had a vision for what you'd accomplish in that role.

Start with an annual goal, then break it down into quarterly goals, then to monthly goals, weekly goals, and so on.

Find at least two people to discuss your goals with. One should be a professional partner (colleague or supervisor) and the other should be a personal partner (friend or family member).

Create a reoccurring date to check in with your power partners. Report your successes and challenges. Be sure to brainstorm any ways to increase growth and productivity.

2. Check Out & Turn it Off

Reduce burn out. Make time for mental check outs. And when you check out, be sure to check out and turn your notifications off! You should have processes and people to keep work afloat in your absence.

If you must check emails, messages, etc., designate a time to do so. For example, if you've booked a vacation (or staycation) somewhere- commit to a time frame to view emails (ie. 8a-9a before your ventures begin) or whatever works for your itinerary. Only check your correspondences during this time frame! You can also commit to responding during that time (if necessary) or you can wait altogether and respond when your return to work.

3. Stay Abreast In Your Field

Staying in the know is powerful! As new data arises, you should be at the forefront of it no matter what career you're in. Join organizations and groups that provide information and support related to your field. There are several paid organizations as well as free organizations available. This helps you build a network worth something and it also keeps you intellectually competitive in your field!


Although thriving in your dream job entails much more, these are certainly small things to implement to increase the longevity of your position and to aid in reducing burn out. It is just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of your role and responsibilities in your career. There is no true scale that shows how and what to balance, the key is to find what works for your lifestyle, tweak as necessary and implement consistently. There will always be obstacles; learn skills to overcome them and keep pushing forward.

Ready to land your dream job? Contact me to get started.

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