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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Is that even a thing?? Failing forward? 🤔

It's definitely a thing because #Oprah said so 😊😊😊😊

I remember hearing her thoughts around failing forward and thinking, she is definitely on to something. And now here I am embracing my own failures and teaching new and aspiring business owners how to embrace theirs and develop plans for improvement.

Here's the thing.... failing is inevitable. The key to failing successfully is all about the lesson you learn and share. Think about it, if you have not failed at something, then it is highly likely that you have not succeeded at anything. Failure is where we build endurance, it's where we build skillsets, its where we build perseverance, and inspiration. These experiences are what drive our success and our impact.

So how does that translate into business? Here are 4 key points I share with my clients about failing.

  1. Always search for the growth opportunity despite the failed task or project.

  2. Don't take no's personal.

  3. Don't grow weary, don't give up.

  4. Share the lesson with at least one other person and encourage them to grow.

Failure is not a stopping point; at times, it may mean pivot but it never means stop. Have you let failures stop you from starting your business? Failure to execute ideas, failure to develop plans and processes, failure to select a logo and tagline for your business, failure to learn marketing strategies, failure to follow up and follow through, failure to file your business name and become official, failure to hire a coach who can help you 👀

It's time.

Level up.

Start your business NOW.

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