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Fear, Control, and Flow w/ Amber Carter of GodBody Holistic Wellness 🥲

As we 've recently closed our 2023 and reflect on our year, what has been coming up in your energy? What is coming up for you to see? What lessons have you learned? I will tell you now, I have been f*n up! This season is blessing us with the energy and great power to reflect on our habits and make changes to them. For me, it’s been self-sabotage. I’ve been wanting to increase my reach in my business, and in turn putting major importance on the moves I have to make. This causes control issues and really stresses me out. So I end up compressing the FLOW. Finding myself working very vey hard and in a very unnatural place. Then burning out, causing me to go up and down, up and down. This creates unconscious fears. It limits our growth!

The AWARENESS is realizing that the things we want the most, we push away, and attract the things we don’t want. Why though? We attract the things we’re afraid of so that we can become aware of the fear. That fear energy will attract things into our life that will trigger that fear, that forces you to confront that fear. These PROBLEMS that we’re hoping to avoid, are actually helping us turn into a greater version of ourselves. Because if YOU don’t like something, 9 times out of 10, you’re going to change it.

As great as we all are, we do mess up and that’s ok. Those uncomfortable, embarassing, and insecure moments are completely necessary in the process! Get honest with yourself. Identify the wall that’s holding you back , tear it down, build it up! As always, I’m here for you and rooting for you.

From Love,


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