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Get to Know the CEO Behind The Brand 💕

Welcome & Welcome Back

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm Janie, Chief Consultant of Power Consulting. You can find me on IG dropping gems and coaching people to live their best lives, earning the salary they desire, doing the work they love. 🙏🏾

I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals level up in their lives by understanding their natural gifts and discovering ways to increase their productivity and income. I love when clients have that "aha moment", get busy, and run it up! 🚀

For more than 15 years, I've worked with children and families. Then working specifically with adolescents who have psychological and behavioral disorders for the last six years. I enjoy helping our youth understand themselves and what they need to be successful learners and successful individuals. ✨

More recently, you can catch me in the Real Estate Market assisting the community with anything remotely related to real estate. I am the operations manager for a Real Estate Firm in the Greater Houston Area providing real estate education (I can help you get your TX real estate license!), real estate brokerage services (buy, lease, invest, and manage real estate properties in Texas), and real estate legal services (TX real estate arbitration, mediation, and more) 🕋

Biz + Career

Through my career, I discovered my love for business. In 2014, after climbing the corporate ladder and receiving several promotions over a short period of time, I discovered that what I truly enjoy is learning about business and career growth and then sharing with others so they too could maximize their peace and profits. I train professionals & perform risk assessments to ensure compliance in operations. Learning the significance of policies, employee performance and retention, and how to sustain and grow programs exposed me to another world beyond developing curriculum and programs for children and families. This led me to transition into business full time. Knowing that the way we operate a business ultimately determines how much we can help the communities we service through our products and services.

Why Me?

As a Corpreneur, I have learned how to grow my career while simultaneously growing my business. What I offer is beyond motivation and inspiration. It's practical, actionable feedback to support you and help you grow. If you could do the one thing that would pay the bills and give you peace + purpose, what would it be? Leave a comment and let me know or send me a message. And if you're absolutely ready to level up, click the button below.

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