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Hiring a Virtual Assistant Won't Magically Solve Your Problems

One of the biggest concerns entrepreneurs have when hiring a virtual assistant is knowing what tasks to give them to complete. 

When you’re so accustomed to doing everything for your business it feels like… 

“Where do I even begin when it comes to identifying tasks to delegate?”

“Where can I find a virtual assistant that can ACTUALLY do what I need?”

Have you asked yourself these questions before? Trust me, you’re not the only one.

Everyone talks about hiring a virtual assistant to delegate tasks to, but no one prepares you for the hiring process or shares where you can find them.

This leaves you with all these conflicting thoughts of:

🤔 “Which VA should I hire?”

🤔 “Can they actually do what I need them to do?”

🤔 “Can I trust a stranger with my business?”

🤔 “Is this a waste of money?”

And these thoughts are valid!

FYI – hiring a virtual assistant won’t magically solve your problems. Virtual assistants are not a dime-a-dozen and we most certainly aren’t created equally

The best way to ensure that you get what you’re hiring for is to prepare yourself and business for a VA before you actually hire them. 

And yes this includes becoming a bit more organized… (You got this, I believe in you!)

Start here and ask yourself these 4 essential questions to prepare your business for a VA before hiring:

  1. What am I genuinely good at, and what do I enjoy doing the most in my business?

  2. What areas of my business am I the expert in?

  3. What tasks occupy most of my time?

  4. What tasks consistently get pushed to the bottom of my to-do list? 

This will give you clarity on what tasks you should continue doing in your business and those that you need to start delegating immediately.  

Click the link below if you're ready to organize your business and break up with overwhelm.

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